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Metal Roofing

Big Country Contracting – The Reliable Metal Roofing Contractors

metal-tile-roofingThere are many factors to consider when choosing a roof for building under construction or even an existing one. Some of these factors include durability, resilience and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. If you are a home owner, you must be aware of torrential storms and other harsh weather elements that are capable of destroying roofs and other parts of your home’s structure. But you are not to worry, because Big Country Contracting has permanent solution for your big investment. When you need a roofing solution that will withstand the test of time while still giving you the best in terms of curb appeal for your home, metal roofing is one of the best options you can go for. Our Metal roofs are more durable as compared to alternative options, are light for the structure, flexible, and appealing, just to mention a few.

So what are the benefits of choosing metal roofing?

Durable – Metal roofing will give more than 5 decades of incomparable security and efficiency, unlike other alternatives such as shingles that will barely serve half this lifetime.

Insulated Options – We have insulated options, which can be a great way of enhancing energy efficiency in your home. Insulated layers reflect off the sun’s UV rays and heat, meaning that you don’t have to depend much on your HVAC (air conditioning) system. Insulated metal roofing also helps reduce the noise coming through the roof from the rain.

Customizable – Unlike other alternatives, our metal roofing systems are available in numerous themes and colors for you to choose depending on your preference for exterior décor.

Big Country Contracting is your trusted metal roofing company with long standing hands-on experience offering complete satisfaction standard roofing solutions to both residential homeowners and commercial entities alike.

• Metal Roofs Installation In New And Existing Buildings
• Replacement Of Metal Roofs On Existing Buildings
• Repair And Troubleshooting
• Waterproofing
• Metal Roofs Maintenance
• Considerable Weight

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A Wide Variety of Metal Roofing Options

Big Country Contracting is your professional metal roofing contractor providing high quality services in installation, repair, replacement, maintenance, and roofing inspection. All our projects are professionally done using high grade metal roofs and accessories, ensuring that your property comes out looking esthetically elegant and appealing to any eye that comes in contact with your property. Not only that, we ensure to use metal roofs and technologies that will offer your property a long lasting solution of immense functionality.

What Makes Us Different? – Our Metal Roofing Qualities

We understand that your roof is a big investment as well as an important feature of your property in terms of protection from the weather, property resale value, and décor. This is why we do our best as we put our expertise on the ground to serve you. Here are some of the qualities of our metal roofing systems.

• Various Styles And Designed to choose from
• Low Maintenance
• Hard Wearing And Superior Strength,
• Reliable Durability
• High Hail Storm And Wind Resistant
• Products And Services Come With Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Highly Cost Effective varieties
• Experienced service provider
• Fully Bonded and insured metal roofing technicians
• Free estimates on the go

Big Country Contracting is next to none when it comes to metal roofing services costs. Come to us with a budget in mind and we shall sure go an extra mile to make it work without any compromise on service or product quality. We will also work with your insurance company to expedite your claims process. Depending on the type of the project, roofing style, the option you select among other factors, service costs may vary, but you can rest assured that we are the most cost competitive metal roofing contractors in town.

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Our team of technicians is well trained and highly experienced, so you can rest assured that every metal roofing project is undertaking with high level of attention to detail, accuracy and efficiency.

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