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Slate Roofing

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Slate Roofing

slate-roofingSlate is one of the most adored roofing materials . This is mostly due to its immense beauty, versatility, variety, durability and resilience. Big Country Contractors is a leading slate roofing service provider with many years in business and a good reputation within the area and abroad.

Why Homeowners Consider Slate Roofing

This naturally occurring roofing material presents numerous benefits, the reasons why most homeowners love them. Some benefits include:

Elegant Appearance – Not forgetting that a roof is one of the most important features of exterior property décor, slate is preferred by most homeowners due to its immense beauty that is incomparable to most other roofing alternatives. The appearance of slate is one that will give your home a curb appeal that will increase its resale market value by an incredible amount. Additionally, they are available in numerous varieties of themes, styles and colors to match with your preferences. Sizes and thicknesses also vary as well.

Slate is Extremely Durable – Unlike most other types of roofs based on material, slates longevity is exceptional. What’s more impressive than having a roof that will serve you more than a century over your head? Considering that the climatic and weather factors can get a bit harsh in the area, slate roofing is one of the most ideal options to go for if you are a homeowner, other than choosing alternatives that require replacements or upgrading within as little as 20-30 years.

However, sometimes the material may be a bit fragile, yet even the best quality of slate roofing tiles require professional installation and handling. The weight of the material also requires a frame that can support it, meaning that some reinforcements and modifications may be needed in case of a replacement project. These are just some of the many reasons Big Country Contractors is here for you when it comes to slate roofing .

Resilience and Fire Resistance – “God Forbid” fire incidences are dangers that most homeowners worry about, especially in areas where building tend to be a bit congested due to urbanization effects. Well, there is nothing wrong with taking precaution to protect your property by installing a room that is fire resistant, just in case. Unlike most other alternatives, slate roofing is fire proof, water proof and can withstand the test of most weather elements as well.

Eco – Friendly Roofing Solution – Due to its durability, you will rarely find slate roofing as part of waste in landfills like you might with other alternatives that require replacement sooner. Slate is thus an ideal roofing material for those who love durable, beautiful and resilient type of roof.

However, you can only enjoy these and more benefits if you choose a professional company for slate roofing . At Big Country Contractors, we are a trustworthy roofer with many years for experience not only dealing with installation, repair, inspection and replacement of slate roofing, but also other types of roofing such as shingles, metal roofs, tile roofs, and many more. We can also assist you with roofing insurance claims and offer you with consultative services regarding roofing.

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Need Assistance With Choosing A Roof Type?

If unsure what type of roof to choose for your home or commercial building, we are the experts to call for advice. Your ideas will help us customize a long lasting solution that will guarantee you many years of service securely protecting you, your family and your property from the cold, rain, night, and the bad guys. You won’t regret when you try us. But why should you choose us?

Why Choose Us?

Here are some reasons why most homeowners and commercial property owners prefer working with Big Country Contractors for their roofing projects.

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• A wide range of Affordable high quality roofing services
• Our technical team is highly trained, fully insured and bonded
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• Many varieties of slate roofing styles, colors and themes to choose from
• And even more!

If you come from and you’d like to give your home a face lift by replacing the roof, having it checked for any signs of damage, need roofing repairs done or require more information and advice about your roof, we are only a call away.

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