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Tile Roofing

Big Country Contracting – Your Reliable and Trustworthy Tile Roofing Contractor

concrete-tile-roofingThere are many different kinds of roofs that residential and commercial property owners go for, based on material, and tile roofing is one of the most favored. There are many reasons why tile roofs are top of the list for many in this area. Among them includes the fact that tile roofs come with unique beauty, they are durable, highly dependable and a great investment for any homeowner or property owner. Big Country Contracting has been in business for more than a decade, offering dependable tile roofing services and products with assured 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clients. We have a wide range of tile roofing options you can choose from in terms of colors and themes to easily give your home the exterior décor of your desire. Whether you want a tile roof installed on your new building, or you want to upgrade, replace or repair your existing roof, were understand all your needs and are ready to provide you with a long lasting solution at unbeatable prices.

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Tile Roofing Types and Customizable Options

Modern day roofing has revolutionized a great deal, and for property owners, we have several tile roofing options you can choose from. Big Country Contracting provides you with various styles of roofing tiles, including flat, mission, and rounded designs. There are also various types depending on material used. For instance, clay and concrete tiles are some of the most popularly sought options. With concrete tiles, you can rest assured of staying worry-free about your roof for the next approximately 5+ decades. Concrete tiles are mostly adored for affordability as compared to clay tiles, but there are also concrete designs that mimic the beauty of clay tiles.

Tile Roofing Has Never Been This Affordable

Unlike most other roofers that will impose high costs on clay tile just because they are more appealing and are ferried from clay quarries, we won’t give excuses to charge you high service costs. At Big Country Contracting we know that your roof is a big investment, and going for the higher quality is your first priority. This is why we top quality for you, tile roofing options that are designed to stand the test of time and maintain resilience against the strongest winds, most torrential storms and other weather elements.

Deal Only With the Experts

Some property owners are ill advised against considering tile roofing, due to weight concerns. Well, it is true that the weight of roofing tiles can have a great impact when it comes to structural stability and strength of a building. This is exactly why you should always seek top work with a reliable tile roofing service provider with the necessary expertise, technology and equipment it takes to install a roof that won’t disappoint you only a few months after its installation or servicing. Not only do we provide tile roofing installation, but we also deal with inspections, roofing repairs and replacement.

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